Tips for Decorating Kids’ Rooms – Bunk Beds

Tips for decorating kids’ room

by R. Lobitz

We adults spend so much time and energy thinking how to decorate our homes, not realizing that our Kids could easily help us with some interior design decisions of their own rooms, as simple as choosing a bunk bed and its colors. So if you are ready for your kids’ room make-over consider a few important tips.

Children, unlike adults, spend much more time in their bedrooms. They not only rest in their bedrooms but play, learn, do their homework and dream, Yes…dream. This is why it’s essential to create an ambiance that encourages all of those activities, inspires ideas and also helps them to get a good night rest on their full over full bunk bed.

All of us have our preferences in colors, shapes, scents and so do our little ones.  Finding what they like will help her go to bed on time and wake up in her best mood to go to school. How about asking your child to help you choose 3 favorite colors for their room, ask them why they like these particular colors.

You soon will find out that by answering these questions you’ve gotten a dominant color for the room, and it’s already easier on your side. It’s often recommended to go with brighter colors than you would choose for your own bedroom. Also, I love to use elements of flowers, or airplanes for a boy, hang a world map on the wall across their bunk bed to help them learn about continents and cultures.

Speaking of beds, if your kids are sharing a room one of the best ways to create more space for play is finding that perfect bunk bed. Give them options depending on your budget, choose couple colors, sizes and here we go everyone is happy. 


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