Comic Book making in the Homescape

One of the perks of owning a website like YourHomescape is that gives me the ability to write about whatever I want, even if it doesn’t pertain to the theme of the site. So this is not an article related homes, or decor or anything like that. This is, however, another Shameless Plug post. You see, I’ve recently written an eBook on How to Create your own Comic Book and get it published. I can use this random, but hidden, page on YourHomescape to get the word out. By clicking the link above, you can see what I am talking about.

I also want to point out that I’ve written a short blurb on Hub Pages about Making a Comic Book that you can view at the preceding link. It has a video and a blog stream. It’s pretty cool. But I’m not going to shamelessly plug my eBook without talking about what content is covered in it and who it is specifically written for.

First of all, The book is divided into 3 parts. The first part covers everything about making your comic book. That is from taking a basic idea that is floating around in your head and organizing those ideas into a basic outline to plot out your story. Then I discuss creating a story and script from the outline. Next we cover layout out the comic book pages based on your completed script. I go into the drawing and inking portion of the comic creating process letting you understand that different people have different levels of drawing talent. Also, that everyone has a different style of drawing and creating and that you should discover and embrace your own.

The second part of the eBook about Creating and Publishing your own Comic Book contains information regarding On Demand Publishing, which is the vehicle that I used to publish my own Graphic Novel/Comic Book called Spectre: A Dark Matter….which I encourage you to look up on if you like fun. I show you how to set up your own free account and submit your work to be published and put on sale on Amazon. A note about publishing on demand: you can also use this portion of the book to publish any type of book, not just a graphic heavy comic book. If you’re looking for information on Createspace or On Demand Publishing, this section of the book takes you through the whole process.

The last part of book is a short section that gives you a few basic ideas for promoting your book. It also points to the many resources about marketing that are free on the Createspace Website. That is the gist of the book contents. There is, of course, more information than that. And there is supplemental content on which include additional articles and how to videos related to Making a Comic Book. So, click the links above and see what you’re missing on the topic of creating a comic book.

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