What is a Floor Pillow?

What is a Floor Pillow?

If you’ve clicked around the YourHomescape.com blog at all, you’ve probably noticed a lot of products from our Sister Site, www.My-Pillow-Place.com. Being a sister site, this is hardly a coincidence. Now at that site, our most popular line of products, of the many types of soft furnishings we offer, is our Floor Pillows. This post is designed to inform you, the reader, on what floor pillows are and what kind of products may fall into this general category.

Square Floor Pillow

Most people may think that a floor pillow is just a small cushion that you can park your rear while sitting on the floor. And while this type of item does fall into the "floor pillow" category, there are so many other products that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and options. The small square cushion is just the beginning. Exciting, I know!

Let’s begin with the basics. Small Square Floor Pillows that look like cushions are nice. They stack neatly out of the way when not needed. They come in a variety of fillings and fabrics. I have some myself and they are nice to have around. But there is not much to them. I prefer the pillows filled with shredded foam over the pillows with a fiber filling. Fiberfill is much less supportive, unless the pillows are severely overstuffed. On top of that, they eventually flatten out. It’s just the nature of the product. The shredded foam filling, on the other hand, is much more resilient and supportive. If it does flatten, as it will over prolonged sitting, you can just fluff it back up.

Some of our most popular items are our Basic Square Floor Pillows, however, they only come in a cotton fabric. We are desperately trying to find a company that can provide us with a Microsuede Floor Pillow. The Microsuedes just make the pillow so much better. Don’t get me wrong, the cotton fabrics are nice and durable; just perfect for kids. But offering a microsuede just makes the pillow a little more classy. They look nice, they feel soft and comfortable too. In short order, we expect to have a microsuede version of this product at some point.

Moving on to another type of floor pillow, we started entering bigger items into this category. Now we have some items that could technically fit into our Bean Bag and Foam Chair section, but they function nicely as floor pillows too. The actually can be classfied as convertible furniture. Our Floor Lounger and Cocoon are designed to be laid out flat which maked them a Floor Pillow. But if you bunch up the shredded foam and turn the pillow on it’s side, it makes a great Foam Bean Bag too.

These items are great and they are so comfortable to sit on in any configuration. I really love the flexibility of these products. I have one of each in my homescape, and they get a lot of use. But be warned, these items are pretty large and require a lot of room. A large rec room or family room is perfect; not so good in a tiny apartment. These items are so big, you’ll have to move out. A little Billy Crystal, "Running Scared" reference there.

Another classification of Floor Pillow that we promote at My Pillow Place are the Kids Playroom selection. These are available in different sizes, shapes and a plethora of colors. Most of these items are only available in some very bright colors. Although, due to us pleading with our manufacturer to make these items available in some traditional colors, we only managed to persuade them to make the Cocoon Jr Round Floor Pillow for Kids in a Chocolate, Black and Camel Microsuede. Not to say the the colorful fabrics are bad, but sometimes you need a more traditional color to match your decor and something that is not so loud.

There are several other items that we have placed in our Floor Pillow Section at My Pillow Place. These range from some decorative, kids patterned pillows to some wedge shaped floor chairs filled with shredded foam. All of these things have a place in the floor pillow category. And we classify all these items as such because they serve the purpose that we intend. That is, comfortably sitting on the floor.

If you need some sort of soft floor pillow, large or small, check out what we have over at My Pillow Place. There is probably something that would be perfect for what you may be looking for. Although this post sounds like a big ad for Floor Pillows at My Pillow Place, it is intended to show that there are more options for this type of thing than you may know about. My Pillow Place is striving to be a leader in floor pillow options. If you are interested in joining our Mailing List, you can enter your email in the form below. We send out special, exclusive coupon codes our on the first of every month. These are the best savings we offer. Get an instant 5% coupon code just for signing up and look for our special coupons each month.

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