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 Bold Colors in Your Homescape

Bold Colors: Interior Design Tips (read more)

For most of us, white walls and neutral colors are the norm. There are six surfaces in most every room in your home; four walls, a floor and a ceiling…

 Front Door Sweep Repair

Front Door Repair at Threshold (read more)

The cold weather is coming if you live in a Northern State like me. As I looked towards my front door, I noticed that the seal under it has weathered to the point of not creating a good seal…


Toilet Repair – Wax Ring Replacement (read more)

Replacing a wax ring on your toilet can be an easy and inexpensive home repair.  My saga begins with a wet spot on my kitchen ceiling…


Delta Bathroom Faucets (read more)

Beautifully Crafted Bathroom Faucets by Delta will add class and elegance to your bathroom or powder room. Most Delta Bathroom Faucets are…


Home Ideas for 2010 (read more)

I spent a sunny Fall Saturday on a Parade of Homes tour. I focused on observing what seemed to be current trends with Architects and Interior Designers. This tour of some very beautiful and expensive homes was enlightening.  It high…


Decorative Children’s Floor PIllows (read more)

Accessorize your Child’s Bedroom or Playroom with these uniquely crafted Decorative Floor Pillows.  Available in Round Cushion and Square Cushion Shape.  Both Square and Round Pillows come in two different sizes and with a Variety of Animal Patterns and…


Powder Room Design Part 1  – Powder Room Design Part 2
(read more)
Let’s take a journey to another forgotten space in your home.  The Powder Room.  These little bathrooms are cute and quaint, but if they are located in an out of the way corner of the house, they sometimes get ignored.


Bathroom Sink Fixtures (read more)

Compliment your vanity base with an appropriate Bathroom Sink.  There are four types of Sinks featured below including Self-Rimming Sinks, Undermount Sinks, Vessel Sinks and Vanity Top Sinks…


Upgrade Your Toilet Fixture (read more)

The most imporant item in your bathroom can be upgraded with during your renovation effort.  See what’s new in the world of water closets…


Bathroom Vanity Cabinet (read more)

The largest item you’re likely to feature in your newly updated powder room is the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Sink.  Because of its size and importance in this little room…


Powder Room Pedestal Sinks (read more)

If you’re interested in changing the look of your powder room and that old bathroom vanity needs to be replaced, an elegant option you can look to is installing a pedestal sink.

 Bedroom Closet

Bedroom Closet Organization (read more)

The first Post in our Forgotten Spaces of your Home series, we talk about Closet Organization systems and some simple things you can do to maximize the closet space you already have. This can apply to any closet in your home to maximize storage space.


Bathroom Vanity Lighting (read more)

A very simple way to change the look and feel of your powder room is changing the above vanity lighting.  Whether your bathroom is styled as modern or traditional…


Powder Room Vanity Mirrors (read more)

As part of your bathroom renovation, consider a decorative Bathroom Mirror. Its not a hard choice to replace that frameless, glued to the wall mirror currently living in your powder room…


Elegant Faucet Fixtures (read more)

With Modern and Traditional Faucet Fixtures just one click away, you should have no problem finding a fixture to compliment your bathroom…

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