Get The Inside Scoop On The Best Smart Locks

Get The Inside Scoop On The Best Smart Locks

Smart locks are the latest wave in home security. They offer more features than typical locks and their unique and innovative features make them smart buys. To help you discover the benefits of smart locks, as well as a trio of exceptional models which provide plenty of bang for the buck, we’ve put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Our goal is help you to find a smart lock which suits your requirements, preferences and budget.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock may be locked or unlocked without a key. The majority of smart locks will give users alerts and track those who enter or leave private residences. As well, they’ll email digital keys which feature limited access to people that you trust (those that you authorize to enter or leave your home).

As well, it’s possible to lock and unlock a smart lock anywhere that you have access to a Web connection. The ability to lock and unlock remotely is ultra-modern and really convenient.

Smart locks require battery power and most are compatible with ecosystems of the “smart home” variety. For example, it’s rare to find a smart lock which isn’t compatible with Wink, Apple HomeKit and Nest smart home systems.

Now that we’ve covered the main features of most smart locks, let’s talk about some styles which really deliver for consumers!

You’ll Love the Kwikset Kevo

This amazing smart lock was the first to market and it’s still a great choice. It’s got a “touch to unlock” feature which makes is super-simple to use! You won’t need to go through a learning curve with this user-friendly smart lock. Just walk up to the lock with your Kevo key fob or smartphone in your pocket. When you have the fob or your smart phone, one tap will unlock your Kwikset Kevo.

This lock will establish your identity through Bluetooth technology. Choose from three smart lock finishes. We’ve just scratched the surface in terms of discussing the features of this superb smart lock. You may find out more at the official website of the manufacturer (

Is the August Smart Lock Right for You?

If you want premium performance, you’ll love what the August smart lock has to offer. It replaces the inside only. It leaves the outside of your private residence looking exactly the same as it did before you installed it. This means that it’s a great choice for those who like the way that their doors lock, or those who rent and aren’t permitted to change the locks on their doors.

Also, if you’re a new “smart home technology” user, you’ll be pleased to discover that the outdoor lock will continue work just as it always did, with some exciting extra features, such as smart phone compatibility.

This lock may be set to unlock when your smart phone is detected. As you approach your door, it will unlock and you won’t need to do a single thing. When you leave, it will lock automatically. You won’t lose the power to lock and unlock the door manually. You may take control of the process via your app, which is installed on your smart phone. So, you will have choices!

This lock is utilized with Bluetooth technology. You may use it without this technology if you invest in an accessory called the August Connect. This lock integrates with Apple HomeKit technology.

Discover the Smart Sense Deadbolt from Schlage

The Schlage Smart Sense Deadbolt is a great smart lock. It has a classic look and vibe. When you choose it, you’ll be able to give out virtual keys to those that you trust, via your iPhone smart phone. Another option is utilizing the keypad, which is built-in, in order to provide guests with key codes.

Since you’ll have plenty of choices, you’ll find that this smart lock is extremely versatile. Use Siri, a key code, a key or your smart phone app to control the lock. It’s up to you!

This lock works with the HomeKit from Apple, via Siri. Sense was actually created with Apple fans in mind. If you’re an Apple user, you’ll love the way that this smart lock integrates with the Apple hardware and systems that you already have, including Apple TV and Apple smart watches.

This lock comes in three attractive finishes and it replaces the whole lock.

Choose a New Smart Lock Today

You deserve premium quality for a fair price. When you choose one of the smart locks that we’ve recommended today, you’ll access great quality for a reasonable rate. So, why not invest in a new smart lock that makes your life easier?