Bold Colors in Your Homescape

Bold Colors Return: Interior Design Tips

For most of us, white walls and neutral colors are the norm. There are six surfaces in most every room in your home; four walls, a floor and a ceiling. (Unless of course you live in one of those fancy, new fangled floorless homes, but I digress.) Five of those surfaces usually possess the all too common eggshell white color that is characteristic of the paint that our home builder chose.

The sixth surface is our floor. Here we usually have some sort of neutral color, a light beige or gray carpeting that really gets the juices flowing. Or maybe it’s a cheap hardwood flooring or uninspired tile pattern. There is nothing wrong with this. But, you have to admit, it’s pretty boring. Creating a unique Homescape can be life changing and as simple as following a few simple guidelines.

Interior Detailing

1. Don’t be afraid of color
It sounds so simple. But many people do not want to deviate from the white wall norms we’re all used to. But if you visit someone’s home that has strong colors and a cohesive design, you can feel the difference immediately. The home just has that professionally decorated feel to it.

Adding some color is just the first step. Much more has to be done in order to complete the plan. I’m not going to go into which colors are the style for today. By today I mean, the current trends in home design. This stuff changes every couple of years. We don’t emulate the Avocado Green that was popular in the 70’s. But pick the colors that you like; the colors that compliment the rest of your décor.
Bold Colors in Your Dining Room

2. Your design choices should fit the function of the space:
Keep in mind how important lighting is within the space. [Read our article on Lighting Basics] Since lighting plays such an important role, it will affect your decisions greatly. For instance, if you have a space that needs a lot of light for things like reading or writing, an overly dark room (i.e. dark, solid paint on the walls and ceiling) will absorb all the light and the room will feel dark, even when fully lit.

When you’re looking to create an atmospheric space, such as a cozy dining room, or a comfortable family room featuring a fireplace, darker colors can be a bold and comforting choice. The room, even when lit, will seem cozy and private, even if the space is large. It’s about changing the ambient feeling of the room with color and lighting.

3. Contrast is important:
If you do consider a bold, dark color, look at how all of the elements work together within the space. A very common thing seen in homes with bold colors is the contrast between the wall color and the trim. You will often see white trim, crown molding, and even light colored wainscoting to contrast the dark walls. In ceiling treatments, you’ll often see dark paint in the coffers of spaces and a contrasting dropped beam pattern. All of these elements work together to offer contrast and embellishment that enhances any space.Contrast with Trim and Shelving      

4. Tie the elements together:
Bringing a room together with an overall theme is as simple as matching or contrasting the various elements within the space. Look at each different item that has decorative value in the room and see what choices you can make to tie it to the overall scheme.

This includes: Walls, Ceilings, Flooring, Window Treatment, Furniture, Accents, Wall Décor, Plants, Lighting, etc. Each of these items has to come together to add to the whole of the design plan you are working off of.

Decorative Wall Panels add texture 5. Texture This!:
It’s not just the color. Pay attention to the texture of the materials. This includes wall and ceiling finishes, furniture fabric, flooring selection and more. Are you going for cozy and comfortable, or elegant and pristine.

You will get a more cozy feel to the space if you choose softer materials like carpeting and suede furniture. You will get a more elegant feeling to a space if you choose smooth, solid materials like shiny hardwood flooring and smooth leather fabrics. Wood wall finishes or interior brick will always give a harsher, solid feel to a room. Where painted or textured finishes will soften it up a bit. It’s all about personal taste, use of the space and the overall feel you are going for. Every element you choose should work in concert to enhance the overall design plan.

Bold colors are making a comeback. Bold doesn’t necessarily mean dark. When you look around your home, try to envision each space it as you want it to be. Look at every element that makes up the room and add or subtract the necessary pieces from your overall plan. Sometimes a room needs some tweaking, and sometimes it needs an overhaul. But whatever you choose to do, keep the 5 guidelines above in mind as you enhance Your Homescape.SunkenRoom





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