Powder Room Design Part 1

Forgotten Spaces Series:  Powder Rooms (Part 1)

Let’s take a journey to another forgotten space in your home.  The Powder Room.  These little bathrooms are cute and quaint, but if they are located in an out of the way corner of the house, they sometimes get ignored. If we break this room down to its most basic components:  we have a toilet, small base cabinet and sink, a mirror and a vanity light fixture.  You know the lighting fixture I’m talking about, they look like Hollywood dressing room lights and I hate them.  See below:


Exhibit A: Public "Bathroom" Enemy Number 1

Seriously, is there anything more "blah" than these all too common light fixtures in your bathroom?  If you’ve recently bought a new home or moved into a home that has these lights, I recommend you switch them out immediately (if you have the means, of course.)  There are so many more decorative vanity lighting options out there.  No one should have to suffer with these. Whether your bathroom decor is modern or traditional, there are innumerable fixtures to choose from.

Ok, now that we can see, because we have our new light fixture turned ON, let’s talk about the largest feature of our tiny powder room, the base cabinet. The base cabinet usually sits right there as we enter the door.  And it probably takes up a significant portion of your powder room floor space.  If, however, you’re looking for a space saving, yet decorative option; consider an Elegant Pedestal Sink. These interesting small lavatories work perfectly in any powder room; even giving it a slightly upscale look. Can you think of anything more awesome than a shiney, porcelain pedestal? I mean, there’s the Pieta, the Mona Lisa and your Shiney Pedestal Sink.  The community aspect of the powder room allows more flexibility to use a pedestal sink, since no one needs a place to store their personal toiletries. The only thing to worry about is where to hide that extra roll of TP.  (Just in case you run out while on the can.)

Very Basic, You can do better!

Perhaps a pedestal sink does not fit in with your decor or tastes.  There is nothing wrong with a Base Cabinet and Vanity in your Powder Room.  I mean, my plain, old, boring base cabinet and vanity with integrated bowl and 3" splash certainly is lovely (see above).  But we can get more creative than that.  Base Cabinets come in a lot of different styles and configurations.  If I were to upgrade my bathroom, I would look at one of two trends I’m noticing in powder rooms.

The first trend is a one piece base cabinet elevated on legs and clear space underneath.  They look like a piece of movable furniture.  These cabinets also have a higher counter top than your traditional base and vanity.  A standard bathroom vanity top sits at around 30 inches above finished floor.  These one-piece bases can have an average height of 34 to 36 inches.  I love this because you don’t have to bend over as far to wash your hands.  Yes, I wash them every time.

The second trend I’m seeing is a vanity base topped with a vessel bowl. A vessel bowl is basically a sink that is mounted to the countertop. It really just looks like a bowl on your counter, but I find them interersting and different. They come in all sorts of designs, styles and configurations. Vessel Sinks, however, require a taller Faucet because of the height of the bowl….(To Be Continued)

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