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Wooden Garden Bridges (read more)

Your Backyard Landscape will stand out with decorative garden bridges spanning your garden. Finely crafted redwood and cedar garden bridges will


Outdoor Bean Bag Loungers (read more)

Jaxx Bean Bags are Giant Loungers that combine the comfort of a Bean Bag with the shape of a Giant Floor Pillow.  Turn it on its side and it becomes a comfy chair


Swinging Patio Hammocks (read more)

Your backyard just got a little more serene with the addition of an outdoor patio hammock. The lazy days of summer will pass just a little more slowly when


Pool Fountains (read more)

Add a Classical or Contemporary Fountain to your Garden.  Water elements can promote a serene and relaxing backyard landscape.  The sound of water flowing…


Create a Backyard Living Room (read more)

I can remember when I was a kid going up to the lake for the weekend.  At night we’d sit outside on the patio by the water.  We gathered around a small bonfire talking and having a…


Backyard Patio Sofas (read more)

Make your backyard patio or deck a better place to relax by adding Comfortable Patio Sofas, Loveseats and Chairs.  Weather resistant patio furniture

Cedar Garden Pergola 

Outdoor Garden Pergolas (read more)

Define your outdoor seating area by building a pergola.  A wonderful space is created under the canopy and will set your backyard apart from all the others...


Backyard Tier Fountains (read more)

A Tiered Fountain can add a unique backyard water feature to your garden. Watching the water fall from a cascading fountain is engaging.  Two…


Backyard Patio Fire Pits (read more)

On a Clear Autumn night, you can still sit outside and enjoy the cool, crisp air.  But you’ll want to keep warm in the company of friends as you gather around your Outdoor


Flood your Backyard – Add a Water Feature (read more)

Your Backyard looks like everyone else’s. I’m guessing you have a nicely mowed lawn. You probably have the average 4 foot cedar fence that separates your yard from the…


Natural Wood Patio Tables (read more)

Your barbecue will be lacking if you don’t have somewhere to sit. We highly recommend Natural Redwood Patio Furniture such as these Patio Tables and Wood Picnic Tables…

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