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Your Backyard looks like everyone else’s. I’m guessing you have a nicely mowed lawn.  You probably have the average 4 foot cedar fence that separates your yard from the Joneses next door.  There’s also, probably, a patio or deck.  Maybe a swingset for the kids.  And don’t forget your little garden.  What are you growing in there?  Tomatos?  Cucumbers? That’s great.  Really….awesome! Oh, and congratulations…you’re just like everyone else.

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How can you be different?  What can you do to separate yourself from the common?  Add a water feature!  Think of a water fountain, or a small pond in your landscape.  Maybe even something as simple as a bird bath.  Integrating a unique water element will add so much to your outdoor environment.  Now, I’m sure your yard is a ton more interesting than the common description I outlined above.  And even if that is your backyard, there is nothing wrong with it at all. However a unique water feature can bring that "little something extra" to turn your ordinary backyard into extraordinary.

Water Fountains can become a central feature that you design your landscaping around; or they can be a complimentary piece on the periphery.  Aside from the beauty that a water feature can add to your backyard, the sound of moving water from a fountain or waterfall can be soothing in your garden sanctuary. There are so many different designs ranging from Classical fountains (that look like something you’d discover walking though and Italian Street in Rome), to a unique waterfalls sculpted to look like carved rock.  There are simple inexpensive pieces and then there are hotel sized, ornate designs.  Whatever your tastes, there is most likely a fountain or waterfall to fill your design needs.

See, below, some of the different types of water features you can install in your backyard:

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Here is a simple fountain design that can add a little elegance to your backyard.  The Acanthus shaped extension lets water fall into the 4 foot diameter pool below.  A water pump is integrated into the precast concrete fountain, so no additional plumbing is needed.  Just add water, plug it in, and enjoy.

The fountain is 37" tall x 48" in diameter.
Weight: ~625 lbs.

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The Hydro Fountain is a simple fountain that would look great integrated into a garden. It has a Cast-Stone look with two vases, side by side, that allows the larger vase to spill into the smaller one.  Water circulate between the two vases and is moved with an internal pump.  The fountain plugs into any standard outlet.

The fountain is 36" tall x 20" wide x 42" long.
Weight: ~625 lbs.

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The Florence Fountain is a three tiered fountain that circulates water to the top tier, allowing it to fall to the next tier and finally into the deep basin at the bottom.  This fountain would make a great centerpiece to your outdoor landscape. Image it as a node along a walking path.  Water circulates through an imbedded pump.

The fountain is 63" tall x 48" in diameter.
Weight: ~800 lbs.

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Falling Rock Waterfall is a unique, multi-tiered waterfall fountain that would look great in the corner of your backyard landscape.  With the look of sculpted Rock, this waterfall comes in several finishes and is a beautiful, eye catching water feature.  An embedded pump circulates the water to the top and lets if flow from each level to the basin pool at the bottom.

The fountain is 58" tall x 46" in diameter.
Weight: ~1290 lbs.

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There are so many more fountains, waterfalls, corner fountains, wall fountains, wishing wells, bird baths and more in designs that range from classical to contemporary.  Click the banner below to see which garden fountain would enhance your backyard.

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