Soften up Your Rec Room

Create a Comfortable Room with Foam Furniture
Have you ever looked around your house for a great place to sit for a few hours and lose yourself in a great book?  Have you recently wanted to veg out in front of your new HD TV and spend a few hours engaged in an action movie?  You could sit on your comfortable old sectional sofa.  Trust me when I say I’ve sat on some that were so comfortable you’d never want to get up.  Or you could sit that that Modern Loveseat in the corner that swallows you in comfort.  But that is not where I’m going with this. I’m talking about alternatives to the traditional furnishings in your home.  I’m talking about furniture that offers awesome comfort and flexibility as well a good looks.


Most homes have several rooms or spaces that offer opportunities to recreate and relax.  These are obviously the less formal rooms in your home.  Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you not to run around in the living room or dining room? That’s fine…I’m stayin’ outta there.  We’ll play in the rec room, family room, loft and even the bedroom.  That’s where the good stuff is.  But what is the good stuff?  Foam Furniture and Floor Pillows are great accessories to soften up these recreation spaces in your home, that’s the good stuff!

I want to make it clear, that I’m not downgrading regular furnishings like the sofas and loveseats.  They are great. What I’m talking about is adding softer, casual accessories to these spaces which can compliment your regular furnishings.  But what are our options…

Foam Chairs and Ottomans:

This really is the goods.  Foam Furniture is slowly gaining popularity in the casual furniture space.  I’m surprised at the amount of people unaware of what foam furniture is and where to get it.  I’ll quickly explain if you don’t know.  Foam Furniture is a soft and more durable alternative to a bean bag chair.  Chairs Bean Bags are still great, but they are what they are, bean filled sacs.  Foam Chairs offer a softer chair, that if it flattens over time like bean bags do, you can simply refluff it and its just like new.  Some Popular and well known Foam Chair Products are the FUF Chair and the Jaxx Sac.  Both come in multiple sizes and a variety of fabrics.  Both are made with quality and care. 

Both will fit in your recreation room wonderfully.  Foam furniture is not just limited to a spherical piece of furniture filled with soft foam. The Comfy Cocoon and Giant Pillow Sac are great foam furnishings that offer convertability.  The Cocoon is a large round floor pad that can be turned on its side and converted into a rather comfortable chair.  The Pillow Sac is a very large rectangular floor pillow that also can be turned into a foam chair. Just set it on its side and massage the flexible foam into a lounger.

Then there’s the Foam Chair and Ottoman combination which offers the ultimate in comfort. When you can combine soft chairs and the ability to put your feet up, is there anything greater? I mean, I’m sure there are things that are greater. Winning the lottery would be greater…going on vacation would be greater, well…soft chairs and ottomans are pretty good. Let’s leave it at that. Before I get distracted more, I’ll talk about Foam Chairs and Ottomans.

Floor Pillows:

Floor Pillows are a little different than Foam Chairs in that…well, actually they are quite different than Foam Chairs. Foam Chairs are chairs and floor pillow are not. Floor pillows, however are great little flexible seats.  Sometimes when I play video games, I like to sit on the floor with my Round Floor Pillow and lean against my coffee table for a backrest.  I don’t have room for a standard video game chair, but I do have my large round floor pillow that I can sit on. I pull it out when I need it and can store it in a closet when I want it out of the way.  Floor Pillows come in all shapes and sizes.  I  

tend to see Square Floor Pillows as being the most popular. They really are like little couch cushions that you use on the floor.  If you have enough of them, I’m sure you can build a great fort in your family room.  Rectangular Floor Pillows are longer and great for laying on your stomach and reading. Kids love these pillow because they are about as long as they are.

Kid’s Playroom Furniture:

Here is where things get a little out of the ordinary. When it comes to Children’s Furniture, you can find the most out of this world designs. Since Kid’s playrooms are mini versions of your rec room, (hopefully with just as many toys) the soft furnishings are just as important. They (who are "they" you may be asking…furniture elves, probably) make everything from Mini Kids Sofas to Kids Club Chairs. Kids furniture is meant to be fun as well as comfortable. They even have smaller versions of some of the larger pieces listed above in sizes and colors designed for kids. A kid sized Cocoon is a great mini foam pad. The kid sized Sphere is just as soft as its full sized counterpart. But, it doesn’t end there.


The fact is Foam Furniture is the kind of thing that when you see it you just want to sit in it. Its comfort is visibly apparent. I have a Comfy Cocoon in my family room. When people come over, that is the first seat that gets taken. My friends just love sitting in it because it really wraps you up in foam filled softness. When creating a comfortable room with affordable pieces is the goal, one might consider using casual and soft furniture such as these types of Foam Furniture and Soft Floor Pillows.  In rooms that are used for recreational activities such as watching TV, playing video games or losing oneself in a good book, soft furniture can be used to create the perfect environment.

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