Square Floor Pillows

Have Fun sitting on Large Square Floor Pillows!

Need some quick extra floor seating for that game of Scrabble that’s about to break out?  Well, look no further, Square Floor Pillows are the perfect solution. They stack easily in the corner when not in use, but can quickly be brought out at the slightest hint of a board game challenge.  Also great for movie night, video game seating and any other casual activity.

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Square Floor Pillows


Square Floor Pillows are beautifully made and come in 3 different sizes: 24" Square, 30" Square and 36" Square….yes, that’s right, the largest is 36" and its pretty big!  There are also over 40 great fabrics to choose from.  So don’t wait, hurry up and sit down now!

Square Edged Floor Cushions are great in Dorms and Apartments too!!

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