Video Gaming in the Homescape

Video Gaming in the Home

If you love video games as much as I do, your gaming setup becomes the critical element to your enjoyment.  Today’s gaming systems are pretty advanced with Hi-Def Graphics and Online Features.  Now Seeing as we’re right in the middle of the current Gen’s console cycle, it will probably be 3 to 5 years before we hear about the next step in Gaming.

With today’s consoles, the online capability of the Playstation 3, Xbox360 and the Nintendo Wii will extend the life of this current generation because new features can be added through online and downloadable firmware updates.  If you have the opportunity to have your own wife-approved (or husband-approved for you lady gamers) gaming space in your home, you’re going to want to assemble the necessary pieces to enhance your gaming space.

What do you need? Well, first and foremost you need the gaming system of your choice. My personal preference is the Playstation 3,

but there’s no disrespect to the other consoles. I’m not a Fan Boy, I swear.  I also have a Wii that gets little use, but I digress. Each console has its merits. Next, you need a Television. With today’s consoles having the ability to output high definition graphics (aside from the Wii) you’re going to want to have a widescreen, High Definition TV. If you have the means, I would go with 46" or larger. Whether its an LCD, Plasma or other is your choice. Everyone seems to have their preference.

You’ll also want to a receiver and surround sound system.  Last year (2009) I found a nice Sony Receiver (model# STR-DG720) for an affordable price at my local Best Buy and I chose this one because of the price and more importantly because it had 3 HDMI inputs.  I also bought some small Polk Audio Satellite speakers and a Sub-Woofer for my surround sound system.  All of these pieces are by no means top of the line, but I find them more than satisfactory.  And this sound system has improved my gaming experience by leaps and bounds and it didn’t break the bank. 

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If you’re into online gaming, as I am, and also want to be able to download game patches, extra content and the afore mentioned firmware updates, you’ll want your system to be connected to the internet.  I prefer to be wirelessly connected because I don’t like to have ethernet wires running all through the house.  I use a simple Linksys G Router, that I also bought at Best Buy for about 50 bucks. Its worked well for me.  My friend Chris, however, had some trouble with his Linksys, so he bought an Nfiniti Wireless N which seems to be working well for him.  Not sure what the problem was with his Linksys, as mine has worked ok for me. 

The final thing for the setup is your seating. Now you can go with a standard couch or recliner chair. Those are fine…but there are also a good amount of chairs out there designed just for gaming.  Check some out below:

The Zerk Gaming Chair is one of the coolest and most unique pieces that can round out your gaming space. These chairs are stylish and fun. They are perfectly shaped for support while gaming.  Great for kids and adults.

The Jaxx Gamer Chair is perfect for kids. These colorful gamer loungers are filled with a soft, shredded foam filling. Soft Microsuede covers make this lounger a high quality piece.

The Wedge Chair is perfect for any relaxing activity, including gaming. This foam filled chair is soft and has a great, supportive backrest built into the chair.

After assembling all of the items listed above are complete, you have one more thing to do.  Make sure you gaming room has good lighting control. My current gaming space has a nearby window. And if the sun is beaming in as it does on most mornings, it makes it hard to see the picture. Especially if you are playing a game that is set in darkness. Don’t even try to play a game like Silent Hill or Dead Space in a sun drenched room.

That’s pretty much it. If you do game a lot, don’t forget to get up and go outside once in awhile. There’s a whole world out there. But keep on gaming because its a lot of fun.

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