SimpliSafe Brings New Upgrades to Its DIY Line of Home Service Products

SimpliSafe Brings New Upgrades to Its DIY Line of Home Service Products

SimpliSafe was one of the first companies to introduce, do-it-yourself home security systems when it launched back in 2009. The Boston based company’s first line consisted of a box solution that included door sensors, motion detectors and glass-break microphones that the customer could set up all by themselves. However, in 2018 the concept of the DIY home security service is no longer unique as many other companies have adopted the idea and now offer their own DIY option. So, what will SimpliSafe do to stay ahead of the pack? The only thing they can do – upgrade.

The upgraded line of devices got a whole new look and better functionality while still maintaining the easy do-it-yourself install capability that the line is famous for. In addition to the original devices, the line now features security cameras and new sensors, for example, the water puck sensor that allows the user to detect when water is intruding in the low sub-floor levels in and under the home. These upgrades increase the customer’s ability to keep eyes and ears on their home at all times.

The base system starts at $116 while additional accessories cost extra. The keypad costs $70, the door sensors cost $15 each, the motion detectors cost $29 each and the panic button is $20, with the monitoring plan ranging from $14 to $24. The $24 monitoring plan allows you to use the SimpliSafe app features, however, you can also access your monitoring data over the internet so paying extra for the app may not be necessary.

The upgraded keypad has added a lot more functionality in comparison to the original keypad. Unlike the original, the new keypad has a bright OLED four-way rocker screen, which eliminates the need for a key combination every time you try to go back and forth in the interface.

In order to set up you boxed kit, you first take the keypad, remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment and mount the device. Then you use the system’s base station to wirelessly discover each device. Next, you remove the sticky tape covering from each device and mount them one by one. Take the base station and place it where you would like it to go, it is small enough to be hidden anywhere in the home. The base station chirps to give you relevant notifications and alerts, for example when a monitored door is opened.

Once you have done that your system is ready to go, that’s right it really only takes ten minutes. You unpack the kit, pair the devices, mount them and you are done. The system has three modes, Off, Home (for security while you are at home, whether awake or asleep), and Away. You can always monitor your home while you are away with the SimpliSafe app.

If your alarm does ever go off a SimpliSafe agent will give you a call and if they cannot reach you they will notify the nearest authorities to check on your home, making sure that your property is covered even when you are unreachable.

All-in-all, Simplisafe has one of the best DIY security systems on the market today and with this upgrade, it only got better. The system is stable, inconspicuous and can all be set up within ten minutes. People say that the best security system is a good neighborhood and caring neighbors, but whether you have that or not, Simplisafe can give you the peace of mind you need to always feel safe.